Informed Decisions

We are at the heart of an ecosystem of sustainability, empowering decision makers to harness new technology to improve their social impact.

We call it Social Impact Asset Management—because it is not only about risk management, but also about seizing new opportunities for development.

What we do

Solsten develops social analytics within new technologies in remote and high risk areas, primarily drone technology. We draw on our expertise in human impact to turn real-time understanding of the social environment into informed decisions.

We deploy innovations such as drones, natural language analysis, or apps on smart phones, using culturally appropriate means, to produce key data.

Leveraging our technological achievements to make smarter decisions on our future.

Our analytical reports include:

Support to Kinross Gold at one African mine on labour practices and social monitoring

Performance of the BP Community Development Initiative in Georgia, 2003-2018. Part 1 and Part 2.
Lessons learned from the implementation of community development programmes in Georgia implemented along the in-country pipeline ruotes by BP and its oil and gas partners.

Evaluation of the BP Community Development 2013-2017.

Evaluation of the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business, 2013-2018.
An evaluation that covers the first five years of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) and aims to assist the Board, the management of MCRB, and the two parent organizations to reflect on past performance and define future steps.

Towards a Comprehensive Results-Based Reporting and Performance Assessment Framework: For UN Peacekeeping Operations.
Initial study that considers the tools and processes that DPKO and DFS currently use to assess the performance of senior personnel, individual units and peacekeeping operations, and proposes a methodology for reorganizing these tools into a single overarching comprehensive planning, reporting and performance assessment framework.

International Transport – The Risk of Complicity in Modern Slavery
A report focusing on the road transportation industry, its challenges in relation to human rights and modern slavery in particular, and how national and international standards may impact the industry to address such challenges.

Seeking a world where society and technology work hand-in-hand to make better decisions.